Quaekan Mail

Arguably one of the most controversial items in the game, the Quaekan Mail features absurdly high defense for its low 5 point cost - compensated by the fact that it increases all damage taken by 5 regardless of the amount of damage dealt by the source.

Resist values indicate the reduction in damage taken from damage sources. While high defense is valuable, a unit lacking resistance will find itself unable to take sustained damage and eventually fall without defense replenishing sources.

Resist values correspond to the 10 attack types found in the game, namely Slash, Blunt, Piercing, Explosion, Fire, Ice, Poison, Thunder, Dark, Holy. A resist value of 1 will reduce damage of that type by 1: a unit with 4 explosion resist taking 10 explosion damage will receive an overall 6 damage.

Unlike Attack values, Resist values are also found in the negative, which increases the damage taken by the relevant type. A resist value of -1 will increase damage taken of that type by 1: a unit with -3 explosion resist taking 2 explosion damage will receive an overall 5 damage instead.