Armies cases

The 90 cases disponible to the player army units

Cases are the field measurement of the battlefield in Battle Cry. The battlefield consists of 40 cases across and 6 cases top to bottom, with a total of 240 cases. Individual squads within an army consist of 3x6 cases, separated by a single column of 6 cases (including 2 columns between the frontlines of two armies)

Unit Movement and Army Formation Edit

An army has movement settings available for each of its squads, namely Hold, Slow, and Fast.

Hold forces the squad to stand still unless it has no allies in front of it, at which the game will force the squad to move at the Slow speed.

Slow travels 1 case per step, in tandem with the enemy and with allies, and stops when it meets a column with an enemy. Fast travels at two times the speed of Slow, running straight forward until it meets a column with an enemy.

Throughout all formations and movement speeds, any ranged units will continue reloading their attack and shooting whenever in range of an enemy.

Tips Edit

It is possible to kite an enemy to abuse the stalling incurred by meeting with enemy columns. If a single unit is placed on the top case of a column, then a second placed at the bottom case of the column behind, a melee unit will be forced to travel to the top to combat the top unit before heading for the bottom. This is a good stall strategy for low-tier mage builds against single knights, where reduced cast times is not a fully viable option.